Strategic support to the clean cooking sector in Ghana and Kenya

This project is completed

The Strategic support to the Clean Cooking Sector in Ghana and Kenya project – which is running from November 2016 to May 2018 and is financed by the Government of the Netherlands through EnDev - supports actors engaged in clean cooking market development to build an enabling environment.

The focus in Ghana is to build an enabling environment for the household clean cooking sector particular through:

  • Strengthening the Ghana Alliance for Clean Cooking (GHACCO) administration and operations
  • Diversifying GHACCO membership and scope, to include LPG and rural woodstoves, with the latter to be the focus of an additional market development programme
  • Developing a Market Innovation Facility with strong linkages to key sector actors

A series of partner activities directly aligned with project objectives are underway to improve project implementation and ensure success for this project. These include SNV Ghana‘s Voices for Change Partnership (V4CP) project which focuses on CSO/NGO research and evidence-based advocacy.

The expected results from the implementation of the Strategic Support to the Clean Cooking Sector in Ghana project include creating an operationally and financially sustainable GHACCO secretariat, a more effective regional member engagement by GHACCO, as well as an instituted annual forum that serves the needs of members and acts as a converging platform for the industry as a whole. At the end, it is also expected that a market innovation facility that offers a strongly linked ecosystem of support services, partners and information to benefit GHACCO members and the sector as a whole is created.


In Kenya, SNV together with other clean cooking sector development actors have come up with a plan to develop a coordinated approach in defining and sustainably strengthening the organizational and institutional capacity of Clean Cookstoves Association of Kenya (CCAK) whose mandate is to oversee the implementation of the Kenya’ Country Action Plan (CAP)  and to drive the sector activities by facilitating the scaling up of the clean cookstoves and clean fuels markets in Kenya through convening and coordinating the sector, advocating for enabling government policies, creating public awareness on clean cooking and capacity building.

The project is taking place in Ghana and Kenya simultaneously.

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