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Civil society organisations (CSOs) represent the interests of crucial groups and communities such as pastoralists, female entrepreneurs, and small-holder farmers. We work to strengthen these organisations in Kenya, Rwanda, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Honduras and Indonesia in their role as advocates and lobbyists.

Through the ‘Voice for Change Partnership’ (V4CP) programme, we support CSOs to foster collaboration among relevant stakeholders, influence agenda-setting and hold the government and private sector accountable for their promises and actions. We tackle four issues – food and nutrition security, resilience, renewable energy, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) – by also addressing gender balance and climate change mitigation.

By collaborating with national and international partners, different levels of government, and the private sector, CSOs contribute to improving the ‘enabling environment’. Guaranteeing that CSOs have a greater voice in issues such as policy creation and implementation or better provision of services, ensures that the interests of the communities they represent are better served. Together with the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), we enhance their capacities (e.g. leadership competencies, knowledge development, advocacy skills, improving the sustainability of the organisation) in order to empower them to speak with a greater voice, also beyond the scope of this programme. They will be trained to use evidence such as research, data and lessons learned from current projects to back up their advocacy strategies.  

Ultimately, the increased influence of CSOs will contribute to sustainable and inclusive development in the fields of food and nutrition security, resilience, renewable energy, and water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH). The V4CP programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will run for five years in the aforementioned six countries. SNV headquarters in The Netherlands manages the programme and stimulates dialogue at an international level.

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Enable CSOs to have a greater voice as advocates and lobbyists and effectively serve the interests of the people they represent.


Influence agenda-setting by stimulating collaboration among CSOs, governments, private sector and other relevant players.


Enhance government and private sector accountability, ensuring that promises and actions are followed through.

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