COVID-19 Response and Resilience Initiative for Food Value Chains in Africa (CORE-Africa)

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CORE-Africa (July 2020-December 2022) was set up to help 8 major agriculture projects (BRIDGE, CRAFT, HortInvest, Horti-LIFE, TIDE, MODHEM, PADANE and STAMP+) respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. We aim to capture lessons for interventions and policies more broadly to build resilience.

Key components

CORE-Africa works intensively with selected knowledge partners - WUR, the Springfield Centre, Bristol University, the D4Ag coalition under NFP – to backstop field level projects and distil lessons. These partnerships help to sharpen strategies, methods, and practices moving forward. We also seek to use the pandemic as an opportunity to accelerate learning across individual projects on vital challenges in food VC/system development.

Learning and exchange

Learning and exchange are at the heart of the CORE project and key to its objective to support projects to improve their response to the pandemic. To avoid duplicate processes, CORE drives a pragmatic learning agenda based on topics, methods, learnings and discussions. While some learning is overarching, much of it is specific to the components. We support the development of knowledge as well as interactive sharing within SNV and beyond. Our knowledge partnerships are a key element of CORE's learning approach. They provide essential external knowledge, make us learn together with reputed players, and allow us to join forces in sharing lessons in external fora.

Project updates

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Previous editions: Update #6: initiatives, analyses & upcoming events (June 2022); Update #5: addressing structural food system challenges (November 2021); Update #4: operationalising resilience (July 2021); Update #3: outlook for 2021 and beyond (March 2021); Update #2: Resources on COVID-19, resilience & agriculture (November 2020); Update #1: Start-up, new COVID and Agriculture assessments, and more (August 2020)

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