Horticultural Livelihoods, Innovation and Food safety in Ethiopia (HortiLIFE )

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Horti-LIFE (Horticultural Livelihoods, Innovation and Food safety in Ethiopia) seeks to increase the involvement of smallholders in innovative and viable horticulture production systems that improve food security and food safety and with access to high-end local and export markets.

This will be achieved by:

  • Improving access to market: assisting smallholder farmers to engage in contract farming and outgrowers arrangements
  • Increasing productivity and food safety: setting up Farm Field Schools to assist subsistence farmers through improved extension service
  • Improving horticulture education: strengthening the existing vocational and graduate education programmes in the field of market-oriented horticulture production and supply
  • Supporting the enabling environment: enhancing capacities within the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and other public services for the sustained support to inclusive and sustainable development of the horticulture sector.

The project is implemented in 11 woredas/districts of Amhara, Oromia, Tigray and Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples regions to improve the lives of 30,000 smallholder farmers.  

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Gerrit Holtland

Project Team Leader

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