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The objective of this assignment is to provide a GIS least-cost electrification map that identifies the optimal route for electrification through grid expansion and off-grid services in Benin.

This study will be used by the World Bank to advise the Government as it prepares its National Electrification Strategy (NES), currently under development as part of the Electricity Services Improvement Project (ESIP-P161015) in Benin.

Started April 2020 – with a total budget of $7,500 for SNV in Benin – the South Africa-based Free and Open Source GIS service provider Katorza and its partner KTH Division of Energy Systems Analysis and SNV Benin implement the LCGEP study which ends on September 21, 2020.

The detailed geospatial analysis will consider, based on good practice and international experience, possible least-cost options for electrification, provide a sound strategic basis to implement systematically staged grid extensions and the deployment of off-grid technologies (mini-grids and standalone systems) powered by cost-effective renewable energy supply where appropriate, and indicative investment requirements for on-grid and off-grid access delivery modalities.


  1. Provide a GIS database of relevant layers

  2. Conduct a geospatial least-cost electrification options analysis

  3. Provide a sound strategic basis to implement grid extensions

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