Since 2014 we have been working on consolidating an offer of Community and Avitourism in the the community of Palmarito de la Frontera, in the Indian Territory of Monte Verde, in coordination between SNV Bolivia and the Municipal Government of Concepción, in primary objective of generating income in families, under the principle of comprehensive and responsible use of natural resources and forest services.

Visiting Palmarito de la Frontera is knowing the culture, traditions, forest, flora, fauna, ecological Chiquitana region, highlighting the diversity of species of birds and flora, concentrated around the community, ideals for the activity of birdwatching and knowledge the flora.

As of March 11, under the "International Forum on Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples", the community welcomed the participants of the forum, from countries such as Nicaragua, Panama and Canada.

Visitors appreciated the main tourist attractions in the community accompanied by guides , visited historical and traditional sites, walked through the eco trail and carried out sighting of a variety of birds, also visited the women's craft center where they learned the use of medicinal oils and palm trees (Cusi, Totai, Pesoé), and shared a coffee with typical bakery accompanied by Chiquitana music played by the band of communal indigenous council.