SNV report finds that in 2018 38,000 biodigesters have been installed


A report produced by SNV on the global status of biodigesters has shown that in 2018, 38,000 biodigesters were installed in 17 countries across Asia, Africa and Latin America in countries where SNV has supported the implementation.

In Asia, 27,000 units were installed with Nepal, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia delivering the most units. The research showed that Africa surpassed 10,000 units which were mostly installed in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia and Burkina Faso whereas the installation rates in Latin America were low.

Up to 2018, over 868,000 households in 24 countries invested in a biodigester since the start of SNV interventions in Nepal in the 1990s. Of this number 315,000, 36 percent have been established without SNV support - mainly in Nepal and Vietnam. In other words, the governments in these countries have continued the biodigester programme after SNV’s departure. This is a testament to SNV’s market-based approach, ability to scale results and initiate systems change.

The report which was published recently in the BIOENERGY magazine which is a World Bioenergy Association publication provides data on the status of household biodigesters implementation last year.

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