SNV joins forces with 4C - International platform for sustainable coffee to support smallholders to improve sustainable production and their market access for increased profitability.

Worldwide over 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed annually, with over 90% of this grown by smallholder producers in developing countries. With 25 million people earning their livelihoods from coffee there remain significant opportunities for the industry as a whole to improve sustainable production and market inclusivity for smallholder farmers.

Through our Inclusive Business and Climate Smart Agriculture approaches, we work closely with smallholders to improve sustainable production and market access for increased profitability.  Therefore we are pleased to announce that SNV has joined the 4C Association, whose 4C standard is one of the major sustainability standards for coffee in use today.  The 4C standard is widely adopted by large coffee companies to ensure traceability, basic food safety requirements and improved agricultural practices. For smallholder farmers 4C certification provides an introduction to and benchmark for sustainability practices, and is a first step towards international standards such as UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and Fair Trade.