SNV expert helps develop prestigious TU Delft online course


Wim van Nes, SNV energy expert shares his expertise while contributing to an online course “Inclusive Energy Systems - Exploring Sustainable Energy for All”, organised by TU Delft which commenced in October 2019.

This course explores the impact of social and technological changes on the future provision of clean and affordable energy services. Participants learn how to navigate towards an inclusive energy system for all world citizens, while satisfying greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

In his interview for the inclusive energy systems module, Wim gives an overview of SNV's energy projects and outlines the approaches incorporated when developing energy markets using the example of SNV's biodigester programme. He also discusses the current status of energy access in the developing world and gives an overview of the measures that need to be put in place to reach the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). He explains how biodigesters work, the related installation costs and the benefits realised by households and the society at large. He also addresses the challenges households face when deciding to install a digester. See here to watch the full interview or click on the image below.

The course has been designed for strategic leaders and policy advisors to gain the skills and knowledge to develop and influence strategies which will serve society’s future energy needs. To learn more about this course and how you can enrol, please visit the dedicated website.


Wim van Nes

Global Sector Coordinator - Energy