Organisational news

Focus on mission helps SNV improve the lives of 5 million people around the world.

It is a great pleasure for us to be able to share with you our performance and impact results for the past year in our 2020 Annual Report.

For everyone around the world, 2020 was a year dominated by COVID-19. Many people were faced with and continue to endure the major health, social, and economic effects of the pandemic. While the number of people living in extreme poverty has decreased by more than 1 billion over the past 20 years, progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was and remains hampered by the pandemic, meaning that some of this success is set to be reversed. The last year has shown that development gains can quickly be curtailed if interventions do not address the underlying systems that trap people in poverty.

Against this backdrop, it is all the more meaningful that, through our work, we have been able to measurably improve the lives of 5 million people living in poverty by increasing incomes and access to basic services – all while making significant contributions to systems change. 

Through our continued focus on agriculture, energy, and WASH, we have been able to deepen the quality of our work.  Many of our projects now span multiple sectors and have an integrated approach to enabling sustainable development.

To find out more about the impact of our work and overall performance in 2020, explore our interactive presentation below or click here to access and download our Annual Report in PDF and Summary formats.