SNV arranged a training on safe and judicious use of pesticides for Spray Service Providers (SSPs) and SNV field staff from 07-09 August 2018 at the ARTC, Paba, Rajshahi. The event was organised under ‘Improving consumer awareness and access to certified safe tomato and mango products in Bangladesh’, a project funded by the European Union (EU).

Mr. S.M. Mostafizur Rahman, Additional Director, Rajshahi Region inaugurated the three-day residential training and discussed the safe and judicious use and necessity of plant protection products in Bangladesh. From Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) Rajshahi Office, Md. Monjurul Haque, DTO, Md. Mozdar Hossain, ADD (Plant Protection), Md. Abdul Wadud, ADD-Horticulture and Md. Belal Uddin, DTO, DAE Natore, were present among the resource speakers. They discussed plant protection products for plant control particularly focusing on tomatoes; prior to, during and after the use and management of plant protection products; safety norms for the correct use and management of the plant protection products; clothing and personal protection equipment; spraying equipment and technology focusing calibration of spraying equipment for plant protection products; supervision on practice, revision, calibration and dosage of the crop protections products and environmental factors that affect the application of the crop protection products.

Practical orientation in the field in Rajshahi

DAE Resource Speaker conducting his session

A practical session on safe use of pesticide was carried out in the field under guidance of UAO, Poba of  DAE Md. Monjur-e Mowla. This session highly motivated the participants towards safe and proper use of pesticide.

Md. Hemayetul Islam, Agriculturalist and DCP Rajshahi, delivered his closing speech mentioning the benefits of proper use of pesticide and advised the participants to follow their learnings to protect themselves from the consequence of using pesticides. Mr. Islam also thanked SNV for arranging this unique opportunity for them.

Project Coordinator Mahbub Ullah briefed about the objectives of this event and highlighted the importance of safe and judicious use of pesticides for implementation of GAP in Bangladesh for getting safe processed products. He urged the participants to share their learnings from this training with their friends and farmers to remain aware about proper use of pesticides and its necessity for food safety. Dr. Shah Kamal, Horticultural Expert and Course Coordinator, moderated the sessions. Mahe Alam, Food Safety Advisor, M&E Advisor Dr. Rajwanul Haque and District Coordinator Saidur Rahman, SNV, facilitated the event.

The project is working on successful engagement with respective supply chain actors, i.e. 5,000 mango and 5,000 tomato farmers, hub-leaders, collectors, traders and agro-food processing companies to bring substantial change to tomato and mango processed food, i.e. mango juice, mango bar, pickle, tomato sauce and tomato ketchup etc. The project targets over 12 million consumers in the Dhaka district, collaborating with other national associations and public agencies that are active in the horticulture sub-sector in the country.