Rwanda’s first District Sanitation Centre to increase access to sanitation facilities and services


A video documentary on the inauguration of Rwamagana District Sanitation Centre:

In April 2018, the very first District Sanitation Centre was officially inaugurated in Rwamagana, Rwanda, through the Isuku Iwacu project. This eventful occasion brought together government officials, representatives from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) development partners, and the private sector. Alongside the official event, a mini-exhibition was set up, giving the public an opportunity to view the latest sanitation products, and the option to purchase them. “The public was very interested in the products we exhibited today, some made purchases while others placed orders,” said Emmanuel Tuyisenge, CEO of Temaco builders Ltd, who was one of the exhibitors.

A typical District Sanitation Centre (DSC) is similar to a one-stop shop where the public can purchase sanitation-related products, and services. The centre is divided into three sections - a showroom, selling point, and a training room.

  • At the showroom, visitors get to view various existing and the latest sanitation products and technologies, such as new and affordable latrine prototypes for the elderly and people with disability (PWD), or an innovative handwashing station that is suitable for rural settings.
  • A selling point is where customers can purchase products and enquire information about sanitation services, such as latrine construction and emptying services.
  • A training room is the site used to mentor and pass on innovative technical skills to local artisans and engineers.

In 2016, the government of Rwanda adopted a National Sanitation Policy, incorporating the concept of DSCs as a strategy to bring sanitation products, services and technologies closer to local populations. The government intends to set up DSCs across all 30 districts, reaching more than 300,000 residents. By September 2018, the Isuku Iwacu project will have supported the establishment of 8 DSCs in the target districts where it is implementing activities.

Sheikh Hassan Bahame opens the Rwamagana District Sanitation

Sheikh Hassan Bahame, MINALOC Director General, enters the Centre

Emmanuel, Temaco builders CEO, presents diverse latrine products

Different sanitation products are explained to the opening's audience