Cow signals is an international success with books available in over 35 languages and training organised in more than 50 countries. The cow signals concept is now being developed in East Africa and adapted to the East African situation for use by dairy entrepreneurs with only a few cows to large scale farmers. The introduction of Cow Signals products in Kenya is supported by the Kenya Market-led Dairy Program (KMDP) through its Innovation Fund. KMDP is funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Nairobi. Cow Signals in East Africa is an initiative of Roodbont B.V. in partnership with Olive Marketing and Publishing Ltd.

Dairy products are in high demand in East Africa. This offers dairy farmers excellent business opportunities. Farmers need to improve technical results in their farms to benefit from this market opportunity. Incorporating Cow Signals in their daily dairy farm management will help farmers to achieve higher production and profitability.

The key elements of the Cow Signals® concept are:

• Practical information

• Immediate application in daily practice

• Easily accessible

• Evidence based

• Immediately profitable for animals and farmers.

The book can be ordered by email via, or contact Roodbont B.V. and Olive Marketing and Publishing Ltd.