Making a change with green charcoal in DRC


SNV recently started the implementation of a sustainable coal project in DRC, in accordance with the national REDD+ strategy and the national Sustainable Energy for All Strategy. This project aims to develop a commercially viable sector for the supply of sustainable coal in the peri-urban areas of Kinshasa producing charcoal from wood.

For the implementation of the project, a multi-stakeholder approach was adopted encouraging participation of the private sector, good governance, poverty reduction, and gender equality. 2 objectives are to be achieved by the end of 2015: facilitated access to sustainable coal in low-income neighbourhoods and improved incomes and living conditions of the coal miners in the peripheral Kinshasa.

During its 2 years of implementation, the project will be particularly advocating for the creation of standards of sustainable coal and support to the coal in meeting the requirements. In addition, technicians will work to establish a network of distribution and promotion of sustainable coal in Kinshasa, and contribute to the formalisation of regulations framework for the wood fuel sector. Ultimately, at least 5000 people in Kinshasa will have regular access to the sustainable coal and at least 300 coal will have improved incomes.

The first results are encouraging:

  • 10 co-operatives with 329 coal miners and 50 farmers are now aware of the criteria for sustainable coal production and commercialisation;
  • 250 coal miners have strengthened their capacities on the improved carbonization;
  • 181 ovens of improved carbonization have been constructed by the cooperatives in 6 months;
  • US$ 1,098 mobilized by the members of cooperatives as funds.