Learning event 4P: how can we effectively engage with the private sector?


Can we use 4P to engage the private sector for agricultural and rural development and can we do it effectively? This was the central question to the Partnering for Value (4P) project. On 8 and 9 February, SNV and IFAD will organise a final learning event to take stock of the 4P project’s results and main lessons learned.

During this final knowledge event, SNV will share results achieved during the 4P project; share experiences from the 4P brokering process and engagement with the private sector; discuss the use of 4P frameworks as a tool to engage the private sector; and exchange lessons learned as well as best practices from similar initiatives.

The 4P project started in 2015 to promote Private-Public-Producer Partnerships (4Ps) that support agricultural and rural development and engage the private sector and producers as equal partners. To achieve these objectives, the project piloted brokerage mechanisms to attract investments in order to assess their viability in various contexts.

During the three year project, the 4P partnership brokering approach was tested in El Salvador, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and Vietnam. In each country, SNV and IFAD selected cases to receive support from the Partnering for Value project. In total, 23 4P business cases were brokered. The capacity of the partners in the framework was strengthened to help them attract investment and make the business case investment ready; different investment opportunities were explored.

The lessons learned and recommendations from the project have been documented in a number of knowledge products and papers that are available for download.