Join us at ACEF 2016 to explore gender inclusion strategies for climate change mitigation initiatives


Are you joining the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2016 in Manila from 6-10 June?

Make sure not to miss Katrina Hergstrom's presentation on 'Ensuring gender equality of co-benefits from renewable energy projects in the Lower Mekong Region' on 9 June from 11:00am-12:30pm. Katrina is Renewable Energy Consultant at SNV and has more than 40 years experience in public, private and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and South-East Asia. Her most recent work has enabled governmental and civil society entities to effectively participate in gender-inclusive climate change mitigation initiatives that promote increased uptake of renewable energy alternatives. The presentation is part of session 7, 'Business Models for Access that Spur Innovation: New Financial Mechanisms, Technical Solutions, and Institutional Arrangements', track 3 (Increasing Energy Access).

While climate change affects women more severely than men because of their differing roles in society due to gender norms and women’s weaker socio-economic status, renewable energy initiatives often benefit men more than women. Katrina will explain how the Asian Development Bank’s Programme “Harnessing Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives to Benefit Women” implemented by SNV in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam seeks to utilise gender-responsive renewable energy pilot projects and institutional interventions to inform national governments about the design of gender-inclusive mitigation projects, and to facilitate access to funds (eg. the Green Climate Fund) which now demand gender inclusiveness. New mechanisms, solutions and institutional arrangements include a revolving fund managed by women addressing women’s needs, inclusion of climate change mitigation in sectoral gender mainstreaming strategies, and gender sensitisation of national climate change action plans.

Join her insightful session on Thursday, 9 June, from 11:00am-12:30pm. ACEF is Asia’s premier networking and knowledge-sharing event for clean energy and renewable energy in Asia, gathering more than 1200 participants from 60+ countries.