Zantigui Doumbia is 39 years old and lives in Bamako and has two children with his wife. He recently joined the OYEM project and wants to grow his own waste processing company.

Zantigui studied logistics and transport. Previously he was employed as a logistics assistant, but recently he was let go from his job. Now his family is supported by his older brother, but their means are very limited.

Zantigui has already set up a small cleaning company that deals with garbage collection, but he has been unable to grow it, so that his family can live off of it. “In the last quarter of 2017 I earned around CFCA 50,000 (€75). I joined to programme, so that I can further grow my business and provide for my family. I want to strengthen my skills in business and waste management with the project’s support.”

Zantigui wants to develop his waste management company

“My company will collect garbage from households around Bamako, and will work towards transforming organic waste into fertiliser for farmers and gardeners. I have high dreams that my company will keep on growing, and that I will become a renowned entrepreneur in waste management in Mali. I really like this work and have been doing it for some time now.” Zantigui hopes that the training programme will build his capacity as an entrepreneur in waste management. “By joining the project I can access financing for the implementation of my business plan and receive consulting support from OYEM project experts.

“Because of my previous financial situation, I had considered to leave Bamako and migrate to locations where there is more work prospect, but the OYEM project provides me with opportunity, and has given me hope and reason to stay here. I intend to make my company prosper with my skills in business management, and my technical skills received during the training.”