The Global Goals Week takes place 18 – 24 September to mark the second anniversary of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The SDG’s were adopted in 2015 to achieve sustainable development by 2030. Bringing together individuals, governments, business, international organisations, civil society, and other partners to measure progress, drive action and promote completion of the Sustainable Development Goals is urgent! SNV’s work contributes to the achievement of many Goals.

SNV implements projects on Agriculture, Energy, and Water & Sanitation in more than 30 countries around the world. We aim to alleviate poverty, improve access to affordable clean energy, sanitation as well as clean water and promote climate action. We participate in the Global Goals week to share our work. Join the Global Goals Week online to create awareness, highlight results, and demand action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Follow #GlobalGoals on our social media channels now!

Click on the images below to learn about the projects that SNV is implementing and help achieve the SDG’s.

SDG1: Professionalising coffee production by smallholders to improve incomes

SDG2: farmers in TIDE project in Uganda providing milk to 70,000 children

SDG3: Educating on menstrual hygiene to achieve good health and well-being

SDG5: Giving women control of their shea butter production to reduce inequalitie

SDG6: Improving sanitation in Cambodia by building one toilet at a time

SDG7: Building biogas digesters to provide families with access to clean energy

SDG8: Driven to succeed as solar energy entrepreneur

SDG10: Shrugging off poverty to reduce inequalities

SDG11: Creating access to affordable sanitation in urban areas

SDG13: Using satellite technology to create climate adaptation