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Globally, there are still 750 million people living in extreme poverty, nearly 900 million still practice open defecation, and 1.2 billion do not have access to electricity.

Over the past six years SNV has made a serious effort to speed up initiatives in all three areas. Read about our work in 2017 in Connect magazine!

In 2017 alone, SNV implemented 300 projects in more than 30 countries, and as a result, we improved the lives of  millions people around the world.

We would like to reach even more people, and our continued efforts should grow to scale. This entails expanding projects from local community, to district, to national; and extending our coverage, beyond individual projects, to deliver development at a larger scale. Therefore, SNV is actively pursuing the scaling of programmes by advocating for an enabling environment for private sector and civil society initiatives to take off. We also work closely with governments, businesses, local development partners, and knowledge institutes to improve on international development progress through innovative ideas turned into policy, action and results.

In Connect 2017, we provide an overview of some of our approaches for scaling-up programmes, and talk to other experts in the field about their thoughts on the agriculture, water, hygiene and sanitation, and energy sectors. With article a contribution from Koos Richelle (Chairman SNV), and interviews with GAIN Executive Director Lawrence Haddad, GOGLA Secretariat Executive Director Koen Peters, Deputy Director-General for International Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands Reina Buijs as well as SNV's Managing Director for Agriculture André de Jager.

You can access these and other contributions to Connect magazine 2017 below.

Supporting companies that bring healthier food to the market - Lawrence Haddad

Changing Aid Modalities - Reina Buijs

Responding to the voice of African consumers - Andre de Jager

Koen Peters, Executive Director GOGLA Secretariat

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