A Business Planning workshop for all the implementing partners of Working with Women project was arranged from the 28th February to 1st March, 2016 at BRAC CDM, Savar.

The prime objective of the workshop was to develop capacity of the partner organisations in terms of sustainable business planning for the scale up of the Inclusive Business initiative even after SNV phases out.
The workshop was a continuation of the capacity building initiative of the project. Earlier in 2015, a Proposal Development workshop was organised for shortlisted 14 service providers. In the process of selection, only 6 service providers were selected for IB models, based on the merit of the proposal.
The three day long workshop aimed to inject the idea of sustainable business planning, as well as, have the representatives develop a scale up module for their upcoming IB case.
Saif Al Rashid, CEO, JITA Bangladesh; Jamal Uddin, Inclusive Business Capacity Building Advisor, SNV Bangladesh; and Indrajit, independent insurance consultant facilitated the workshop.
“This has been an enlightening three days for me. Coming from a health background, I had little knowledge of business planning and development and the sessions in the last three days have helped me to think differently.” said Matiur Rahman, Executive Director, TMSS in the reflection session at the end of the workshop.
The participants had to develop a sustainable business plan that will essentially scale up the project interventions in the future.