The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) ‘Scalable Climate Solutions Challenge’ is looking for potentially scalable solutions in Bangladesh. Join us on April 28 to learn more in an interactive discussion. 

About this event

The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development’s (DFCD) Scalable Climate Solutions Challenge is looking for business models and projects that help improve food security, ​fresh​ water and sanitation in Bangladesh. The coastal zone of Bangladesh is home to significant aquatic as well as terrestrial ecosystems, which the population has found ways of living and using in harmony with nature rather than destroying it.  

One project will be provided with a development contribution of up to € 350K from the existing DFCD Origination facility, get a chance to present their project at COP26 in Glasgow and become eligible for larger support from DFCD. Is your organisation interested in this Challenge or do you know a project that fits the needs of the local communities and ecosystems in Bangladesh? We’d love for you and your stakeholders to join this event.

Date and time

Date: 28 April 2021

Title: Scalable Climate Solutions challenge in Bangladesh

Time: 14:00 Dhaka Time (10:00 Central European Time)

Here’s our panel for the day


  • Aart Mulder, Portfolio Manager Climate, Fund Manager DFCD
  • Prof Saleemul Huq, Director of the International Centre for Climate Change and Development
  • Selima Ahmad, Member of Parliament of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
  • Mohammad Saifullah, Head of Business ACI Agro link Ltd.
  • Alex Downs, Business Investment Officer SNV

Expert panellists:

  • Dr. F H Anseary MD & CEO, ACI Agribusiness
  • Mr. Anwar Faruque Former Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture Advisor, Harvest Plus
  • Andrew Jenkins, Technical Assistance Team Leader of the Char Development and Settlement Project
  • Sitwat Syeda, Agricultural Water Team Lead
  • Prof. Sheikh Morshed Jahan, IBA

Want to know more?

Visit the DFCD Challenge page or reach out to info@thedfcd.com for further questions. To apply directly to the fund, please click on this link.  To learn more about the climate challenges in Bangladesh, watch our short video below.

Live event recording 

To watch a recording of the live event please click on the image below.