Advanced clean cookstoves auction launched in Vietnam


4 July 2016 - SNV Vietnam launches the first Result-based Financing (RBF) incentive auction for Advanced Clean Cookstoves. Producers of advanced clean cookstoves are able to submit bids to obtain the right to claim an RBF incentive for cookstoves that are sold to end users in Vietnam.

The producer that requests the lowest incentive to provide cookstoves to end users will receive the incentive options.To be eligible to bid in this auction, producers of advanced clean cookstoves submitted their stoves for extensive testing procedures. Stove producers that are considered to be advanced clean cookstoves based on the efficiency, emissions and safety are eligible to compete for incentive options. This innovative mechanism is designed to generate competition between producers of advanced clean cookstoves and incentivise producers that are able to provide advanced clean cooking technologies with the lowest level of external support.

The activities in Vietnam are part of a regional project Market Acceleration of Advanced Clean Cookstoves in the Greater Mekong Area. The objective of the project is to stimulate market development for the advanced clean cookstove sector in Vietnam and increase access to clean cooking solutions for households in rural areas. The project is funded by Energizing Development and the Blue Moon Fund.

The auction is open to all companies, national or international, that are able to meet the project's strict criteria on efficiency, emissions and safety. 

The Stove Auction is held every Monday. For registration of a stove model to become eligible for bid in coming auctions, feel free to contact SNV by email at or call us at +84 4 3846 3791.