In July 2015, SNV's renewable energy sector in Laos celebrated a major milestone in the Improved Cookstoves project with its partners: the production of the 50,000th improved cookstove in Laos since the project began in 2013.

The project from 2013 to mid 2015 in numbers: 50,000 improved cookstoves produced; 19 producers; 500 stoves per month produced on average per producer; 660 retailers, 90% of which are women-owned; 20 stoves per month sold on average by retailers; $5 retail price; $2 savings each month on fuel; 3 stove testing facilities verify efficiency of stoves; 1 tonne of greenhouse gasses per year per stove reduced; 20 minutes of cooking time saved by using ICS; 90 cooking demonstrations conducted by the Lao Women’s Union; 95% of consumers state they are very satisfied with their stove; 29% less fuel used than a normal stove; 24 month lifespan of an ICS, against 6 months for other stoves.