Agri-food systems touch every aspect of human existence. Billions of people around the world earn their living from them every day – and the health of those systems has a huge impact on the health of our bodies, our environment and our economy. 

But today’s agri-food systems are fragile – endangered by conflict, instability, climate change, and inequality.  

These interlinking challenges require an interlinked response. SNV’s work in the agri-food sector is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and driven by a desire to better integrate and coordinate approaches to tackling poverty, environmental challenges, food security, and nutrition. 

We approach this task with three specific goals: To improve food security and healthy diets, to embed sustainable production in a healthy ecosystem – and to increase economic participation and social inclusion, particularly for excluded groups, those living in poverty, women and young people. 

Today’s challenges cannot be faced or addressed in isolation. As an organisation, SNV is committed to strengthening capacities and catalysing partnerships to transform food systems – enabling sustainable and more equitable lives for all. 

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