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The West Africa Biodigester Programme of Activities (PoA) is a carbon project, registered under the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism. Green House Gas emissions will be reduced by the use of biogas for cooking instead of non-renewable biomass.

The first Component Project Activity (CPA) of the PoA is the National Biodigester Programme of Burkina Faso. The overall objective of this project, which is building on the results and experiences of the African Biogas Partnership Programme, is to come to a permanent, market based biodigester sector in Burkina Faso in order to:

  • Replace non-renewable fuelwood used for cooking and kerosene used for lighting with renewable biogas at household level;
  • Produce a high quality organic fertilizer and therewith contribute to food security;
  • Improve the living conditions, particularly for women and girls, by reducing their daily workload and indoor air pollution.

The Certified Emission Reductions in this project are procured by the World Banks Carbon Initiative for Development (Ci-Dev).

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Martin van Dam

Sector Leader - Energy

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