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Young people in Mali often lack decent employment opportunities, leading to high levels of unemployment. Funded by EuropeAid, a consortium of ICCOWASTEAPEJ, led by SNV, will implement the Value Chain Development and Youth Employment in Mali (EJOM) project. The project aims to train 8,620 young people, including 2,586 women and 1,293 returnees and create 6,472 jobs.

Young people in Mali face a mismatch between the training they receive and the needs of the market. In addition, fewer jobs are created in the economy than are needed to keep pace with the growing population. Yet, there is a demand for skilled people in key labour intensive economic sectors. The EJOM project will stimulate economic development by creating opportunities for youth employment with special attention to the inclusion of women and young migrants. The project will develop value chains in the horticultural, agri-food, waste management and utilitarian crafts in the regions of Malian regions of Koulikoro, Kayes, Gao and the district of Bamako.

SNV's interventions in this project will focus on the horticulture and agri-food sectors in the nothern Goa region. Using our proven OYE model, we will train young people on basic life skills and will work with local partners, companies and technical training institutes to provide technical and vocational skills training. Using our knowledge of local agriculture markets, we will match young people with employment and business opportunities in the horticulture sector and will continue to mentor and coach participants to ensure their success.

As a second pillar, we will develop the local horticulture value chains by providing (youth inclusive) training on good agricultural practices to farmers and by working with supply chain actors to increase value chain efficiency. This will improve the quality of agricultural inputs and will increase famers' incomes. Plus, the connection to urban markets in terms of supplies, services and trade in products is key in this respect.

Finally, we will facilitate the development of Urban Youth Entrepreneurship Hubs in Gao and Bamako. We will improve local curricula in line with the needs of the local and international agriculture markets in cooperation with local partners, training institutions and local companies.

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Train 8,620 young people


Create 6,472 jobs for young people


Improve the horticulture, agri-food, waste management and utilitarian crafts

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