Trade and Investment Project for Enhanced Competitiveness of Zambia’s Apiculture Sector (TIPEC-ZAS)

This project is completed

Zambia is the largest exporter of bee products in Africa with an estimated 1,100 MT exported in 2010 (valued at USD 1,650,000). However, only 20% of the estimated production is marketed through formal channels.

We help increase the production of bee products as well as income and employment of small-scale farmers, and improve food security and environmental sustainability by:

  • Facilitating formal business contracting between honey producers and medium and large commercial entities;
  • Supporting producers to be able to meet the business demands of commercial entities and processors;
  • Supporting enterprise development to improve capacity of emerging processors to buy from producers;
  • Supporting dialogue for improved agriculture policies through local agriculture or apiculture organisations;
  • Promoting honey production through environmentally and socially sustainable approaches.

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