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The Sustainable and Secure Smallholder Systems @ Scale (4S@SCALE) project at creates viable smallholder coffee farming systems to stimulate the coffee sector in East Africa to regain its vitality and offer long-term business opportunities for 2.4 million smallholder coffee farms and 16 million people in this region are dependent on the sector.

The project is implemented through a partnership between the Hivos Foundation and SNV. SNV implements the technical assistance part of the project by leveraging on our existing global expertise in biogas technology and dairy, to offer capacity building to implementing partners while brokering knowledge for successful implementation of the PPP.

The project targets 80,000 smallholders famers in Kenya and Uganda (reaching 400,000 people in total).

The project has the following components:

  • Provide famers with training on Good agricultural practices
  • Promote income diversification
  • Improve smallholder famers' access to finance
  • Promote awareness and use of biogas and bio-slurry fertiliser
  • Equitable inclusion of women and young people

For more information, please download the project fact sheet.

Project in countries

In Kenya, the 4S@Scale project is implemented through a partnership between the Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF), and Sustainable Management Services Limited (SMS) with technical and financial support from SNV and the Hivos Foundation respectively. In Kenya the project targets 60,000 farmers.

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