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In support of South Sumatra’s Green Growth vision, SNV is developing and implementing approaches to balance production and conservation goals at the landscape level.

As part of a consortium of partners, SNV is implementing the South Sumatra Partnership for Landscape Management Support Project (2016-2018) ─ or KELOLA Sendang. Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), this project aims to support the government of South Sumatera in piloting approaches and developing partnerships for the sustainable management of the Sembilang-Dangku landscape. This landscape has an important potential for achieving greenhouse gas emission reductions through improved peatland and forest management, and can act as a model for achieving Green Growth in the wider region.

SNV leads the development of three interventions aimed establishing deforestation-free supply chains for the palm oil and rubber sectors:

  1. Guiding the sustainable expansion of oil palm and rubber production across the landscape
  2. Providing capacity building and advisory services for private sector land managers on better management practices, responsible sourcing from smallholders and inclusive business
  3. Supporting oil palm and rubber smallholders to implement Sustainability Land Management practices in order to improve productivity, reduce environmental impacts and promote market access

Through these interventions, SNV supports the Government of Indonesia to meet palm oil and rubber production targets without causing further destruction of forests.

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