This project is completed

SNV, with funding from Innovate-UK and in partnership with World Food Programme (WFP) and WASE-UK is piloting WASE’s Electro-Methanogenic (SaniWASE) technology to treat organic waste.


The Pilot will run for a period of 1 year (2020 - 2021)

SaniWASE is an accelerated wastewater to energy technology that capitalises on bacteria to break down organic waste, producing three phases of matter:

  •  biogas for fuel,
  • greywater that can be used for irrigation and
  • solid waste used as fertiliser


The technology has been designed to reduce treatment time and increase energy recovery by maximising disturbance of flow and solid retention time. The modular system is retrofittable in multiple tanks providing easy access during maintenance and gas collection.

Recyclability and Repairability are additional features offered by the technology.

SNV and WFP have identified two pilot sites for the project: the SNV Kenya offices and United Nations Office (UNON), both in Nairobi. Organic waste (food waste) will be the main feeder at the SNV offices while the main feeder at the UNON office will be wastewater.

The overall objective of the project

To validate both the technical and economic aspects of SaniWASE technology.

Key facts



Reduction of Treatment time - 7 days to 24 hours


Production of Energy - 166 litres of methane per day


Sludge Reduction by 1.25 percent

Our experts

Susanne Hounsell

Energy Sector Lead

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