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The Pico Hydro Sector Support Project funded by the Walloon Agency for Air and Climate (AWAC) aims at strengthening the Pico-Hydro sector in Rwanda by providing technical training and coaching to small hydro energy enterprises.

Besides trainings, the project supports local turbine manufacturing and the establishment of a pico-hydro association of Hydro entrepreneurs in Rwanda. Part of the project outputs is the installation of a pilot site that will support access to electricity to a small village with about 50 households (site identified).  So far the project had developed all the curricula (9 training modules), established the partnerships with relevant national partners (Districts and training centres) for its implementation and turbine manufacturing.

The project is being funded by AWAC (Agence Wallonne de l’Air et du Climat) and implemented in collaboration with partners in the Hydro sector including REG/EDCL, BTC, GIZ, and Energy 4 Impact (formerly GVEP).

Our experts

Anaclet Ndahimana

Sector Lead and Project Manager ENDEV III Project

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