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SNV, in partnership with the Government of Zimbabwe - through the National Action Committee for Water Sanitation and Hygiene - supports in the deployment of the country's RURAL WASH Information Management System (RWIMS) in eight rural provinces.

SNV initiated RWIMS to address the Key Development priority of NAC 2011 Road map on Knowledge Management. RWIMS will provide communities and WASH stakeholders with reliable, accurate and timely data on water supply services, sanitation and hygiene, enabling facilities and their functionality, coverage and location. 



  • A national WASH database covering 23 districts is available online at
  • Sufficient capacity was built at national, provincial and district levels to operationalise and sustain RWIMS.  
  • National WASH definitions, standards and indicators were developed and adopted by the sector. 


RWIMS goes beyond achieving clean environments, it is helping us to address nutrition and food security issues.Mildred Choga, Umguza District Water & Sanitation Sub-Committee Chairperson

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