This project is active

SNV is leading with Dreyer Foundation and COPSA-C (local cooperative) a project to produce steam for cooking 1,500 meals at a school canteen each day (replacing wood use), and provide technology to transform rice in the afternoons/weekends when there is no cooking at the school. The Solar Thermal Paraboles/Reflectors project also includes two biomass gasification units (one for electricity, one for heat, both using rice husks) in Dano.

The project will primarily involve:

·       Making a baseline study at the work of the canteen cooks provincial high school in Dano and production of parboiled rice at the COPSA-C;

·       Installing a rice husk gasification system to produce electricity for Bama rice husking;

·       Installing 20 solar parables to produce the heat necessary for parboiling paddy rice Dano;

·       Building a complex solar-rice mill canteen at Dano

Since 2012, the various activities in the project have:

·       Conducted a baseline study which shows that the southwest of rice parboiling is done primarily by members of COPSA-C and over 1500 daily meals are shared Dano Provincial High School per day and is used 20 tons of wood per year for cooking at the canteen;

·       Performed the ground planes of the complex solar-rice mill canteen Dano building to prepare meals for students of Dano and parboil paddy near 1000T annually;

·       Installed mirrors 20 Scheffler (solar parabolas) providing the heat necessary for the steaming and drying of rice in sunny weather and a back-up consisting of a rice husk gasification system 30 kWth:

·       Built a complex solar-rice mill canteen Dano

·       Installed a rice husk gasification system to provide 22 kWe of electrical energy to be used to operate the huller installed in the rice mill.

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