Recognising the need for green rattan: Promoting Eco-friendly Rattan Products (PROSPECT) project

This project is completed

SNV recognises the need to green Indonesian rattan: Indonesia is the largest producer of rattan in the world contributing around 85% of the global market.

Benefitting from an ecofriendly rattan sector

To support the development of a more sustainable rattan industry in Indonesia, the Indonesian Government’s Ministry of Commerce prohibited the export of raw rattan in 2011. 

With funding from the European Union and in partnership with PUPUK (Perkumpulan untuk Peningkatan Usaha Kecil), and the largest European and Asian rattan furniture buying companies, SNV Indonesia is promoting sustainable production and consumption practices in Indonesia’s rattan value chain through the project. SNV Indonesia works with companies, their subcontractors and their raw material suppliers (farmer groups and collectors) across five areas in Indonesia to create inclusive business models in Cirebon, (West Java Province).

The Promoting Eco-friendly Rattan Products (PROSPECT) project is expected to support 2,500 rattan producers to develop more sustainable production and harvesting methods; and 1,500 rattan processors to improve their production and marketing capacity; as well as improve learning, application and replication of best practices in the rattan sector.

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