Promotion of good governance of christine drilling and pastoral resources management

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Christine drilling is a pastoral hydraulic structure located in the extreme north of Burkina Faso. It represents for the Sahel region and neighboring countries (Mali and Niger), a very strategic pastoral resources around which a dynamic pastoral economy is built. This is a high-speed work with a perennial source of water.

Its area of ​​influence covers a radius of about 300km, stretching over the territories of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger. The forestry-pastoral resources in its area of ​​influence are a fallback transit area and in the dry season; access to grazing was made possible by the opening of drilling in 1972. Drilling is a place of convergence of thousands of cattle from the Sahelian belt of Niger (Tillabery, Tera, Torodi, ...) and Mali (Tessit, Intililt, Gao, Gossi, Doro, Houmbori ...).  Today, as in the past, Christine drilling area is a place of welcome Malian refugees, with repeated crises in northern Mali.

However, drilling has known for more than twenty years of difficulties, which are characterized both by discussions about the institutional base, the status of the work and that of its area of ​​influence, as by weak project management at municipal level in relation to the interim management committees. All these deficiencies are among the underlying causes of recurring problems, such as outages of the generating set, dilapidated equipment and related infrastructure (water troughs and ponds) and lack of transparency in the management of financial resources. Also, silvopastoral resources of the area of ​​influence experiencing some degradation, following increased pressure due to the advancement of the agricultural front, threatening the pastoral vocation of the area, hence the need to a securing its resources for the benefit of local communities about 3000 agro-pastoral households. In sum, the drilling and the zone of influence are at the heart of the issues of good governance and multi-sector multi-scale, exacerbated by the effects of recurring crises and the arrival of refugees. This has prompted the development of several initiatives by civil society, as well as the public sector, in a context of decentralized cross-border cooperation. This initiative is part of this framework and the objective is to improve the governance of drilling and the zone of influence in favor of the pastoral economy in general and the livelihoods of pastoral communities (including Refugees breeders) in particular.

Main objective:

The overall objective of the project is to "contribute to strengthening the governance of drilling and Christine soothed and concerted management of pastoral resources in its area of ​​influence for the development of the pastoral economy."

Specific objectives :

1. Improving governance of Christine drilling capacity building of the owner and members of the management committee;

2. Contribute to a peaceful resource management and peaceful cohabitation between local populations, transhumant and refugees, through a dynamic and collaborative cross-border approach;

3. Conduct a cap and disseminate information on the process.

Results Achieved:

1. 1 Association of Drilling Users Christine has an Executive Management Office established and legally recognized by the national authorities.

2. 3 trainings on the issues of administrative and financial management of organizations on herd management, animal health

3. 1 Functional informative monitoring system on pastoral resources in place

4. 11 dialogue groups have been set up at municipal level

5. 1 built peaceful climate between Aboriginal and pastors of Region refugees

6. 1 capitalization process was carried out

7. 3 brochures on drilling management tools published in French and Tamashek Fulfuldé

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