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School feeding programmes are widely recognised as a potential market for (local) smallholder farmers and as a way to link economic development with food security. The Procurement Governance for Home Grown School Feeding (PG-HGSF) project develops a more inclusive and responsive relationship between smallholder farmers and school feeding buyers in Ghana, Kenya, and Mali.

SNV pilots interventions in procurement, supply chain, and social accountability processes that remove obstacles to smallholder farmer access to school feeding markets. The interventions are linked with policy dialogue in the procurement, production and social development spheres so that lessons from the project can be applied to existing school feeding programs to improve practice at local, regional and national levels. 

Key facts



Improve public procurement policy, regulation and implementation to become inclusive to smallholder farmers.


Enhance supply chain governance to prepare farmer organizations to supply to school feeding programs and other formal markets.


Institutionalize social accountability processes to facilitate the linkage between smallholder farmers and school feeding.

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