This project is completed

The goal of the project was to provide sustainable energy services to 2500 underserved people at the base of the pyramid in Ghana.

The Philips stoves project was part of a regional Sustainable Energy Solutions for Africa (SESA) program. The project aimed to stimulate market development of affordable, appropriate and sustainable off-grid energy services to underserved people at the base of the pyramid (community and household level) in Sub-Saharan Africa, with the ambition to provide access to modern energy to 250,000 people by 2015. This Philips stoves project focused on the cookstove component of this SESA program in Ghana.

The objective of the project was to have one or more tested business models for the sale of the Philips clean cook stove in Ghana.

Among the project activities was to develop knowledge on existing supply chains for biomass in Ghana, other household biomass and woodstoves in the market, business models suitable in the local context for selling the Philips stove; best approach for selecting and training sales agents; issues and options of scaling-up the sales of the Philips stove, and PV dealers interested to sell the Philips stove with a PV module. 

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