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The Partnering for Value (4P) project aims to broker mutually beneficial partnerships between the public sector, the private sector and small-scale rural producers (4Ps) within the framework of IFAD-funded Value Chain Development Projects in five selected countries, supporting agricultural and rural development.

The grant has provided SNV the opportunity to pilot a 4P brokerage mechanism for three years. With this mechanism we can assess and validate the viability of this approach in various contexts, and maximise the scope for learning for all country stakeholders (governments, private companies and small-scale producers).

The project consists of two main components:

  • 4P Brokering Component - facilitating access to investment through the identification, development and monitoring of 4P business plans at country level. To this end this initiative will enhance a brokerage function in the context of IFAD-funded projects that have significant value chain activities. 
  • Knowledge and Learning Component - focused on developing knowledge and capacity on successful 4P development for all stakeholders involved that inform policy development, 4P implementation and its effective support.

In addition to the 4P Brokering Component, SNV is collaborating with TheRockGroup to broker external investments for the 4P cases. For the 4P cases that require external funding, capacity is built in developing investment memoranda, and scoping and matchmaking is carried out with potential funders/financiers.

The project is implemented in El Salvador, Senegal, Uganda, Mozambique and Vietnam. In order to achieve greater impact and maximize the success of 4Ps, a three-pronged approach is used: a 4P approach, a scaling approach and a knowledge and learning approach. The target group of the program are both the private sector, the governments of the five countries as well as 20,000 smallholder farmers. The project will furthermore strengthen the capacity of local service providers to provide 4P brokering services, in order to ensure continuity of the 4P brokering activities after the project ends. The project is complementary to and supportive of existing public efforts of IFAD to support the development of pro-poor business models.

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