This project is completed

Malnutrition is a problem for children under five in low-income households in rural Cambodia. It causes stunting, illnesses, infections, increased risk of mortality, delayed cognitive development, poor performance in school, and fewer years in school. Forty per cent of Cambodian children under the age of five are stunted, but many Cambodians do not realize that stunting is caused by malnutrition.

SNV started with the Asia Nutrition Sensitive Gender Aware Agriculture project in 2014. It is being implemented in four countries - Cambodia, Laos, Nepal and Indonesia. 

The project developed a participatory community nutrition sensitive and gender aware agriculture assessment. This tool was designed to start a dialogue with the communities on the key problems they face in addressing malnutrition issues and to jointly develop practical and sustainable nutrition and gender sensitive agricultural interventions.

SNV also partnered with 17Triggers to develop a behaviour change communication solution to encourage rural female farmers with home gardens, specifically those with children under five, to feed their children the right amount of diverse vegetables every day, to address nutritional deficiencies. The campaign will be implemented as part of the CHAIN project as of November 2015.

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