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Biogas is a possible and alternative form of energy that can substitute traditional fuels like firewood and dried cow dung and is suitable for rural household cooking, heating and lighting. Biogas production through anaerobic digestion gives quality cooking fuel and a slurry output that can be used as a fertiliser. The National Domestic Biogas Programme in Zimbabwe is successfully developing a market-driven domestic biogas sector with over 150 biogas digesters having been constructed so far.

Through the National Domestic Biogas Programme in Zimbabwe, in partnership with HIVOS, Ministry of Energy and Power Development, Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development and Renewable Energy Fund, SNV promotes biogas to provide access to clean energy for cooking, lighting and productive use. The programme is currently active in Insiza, Chegutu, Goromonzi and Mvuma. The aim of the project is to improve lives, increase incomes of rural households and contribute to sustainable waste management and nutrient recycling. The Zimbabwe Domestic Biogas Programme started its implementing activities in January 2013. Using a market based approach, our flagship national programme has inspired the uptake of biogas digesters across Zimbabwe.

Some of the results:

  • More than 70 biogas masons have been trained to take up the installation of biogas plants as well as 18 fabricators.
  • Because of the benefits of cooking and lighting with biogas, the programme has improved the lives of 1385 rural households.
  • SNV has since introduced new appliances in the market which are currently being tested, including refrigerators, rice cookers, geysers and heaters that operate on Biogas. These developments will transform lives and help women in particular.
I and my grandchildren no longer have to make long treks in the bushes in search of firewood.Mrs Dhlamini, Biogas user

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