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The goal of the National Biogas Programme of Ethiopia, Phase II (NBPE-II) is to support Government of Ethiopia's efforts in developing a commercially viable, market-oriented biogas sector for reducing carbon emissions and creating access to efficient domestic energy.

The project, which forms part of the multi-country Africa Biogas Partnership Programme (ABPP), specifically intends to support the market-driven installation of 18,000 high quality biogas plants, to provide households with clean energy for cooking and lighting and to promote the use of bio-slurry as organic fertiliser.

Building on the successful installation of 8,161 biogas plants under NBPE- I (2009-2013), which was also supported by SNV, Phase II emphasises on developing private sector entrepreneurial skills in the bio-digester construction business, while working with the existing private companies to manufacture and supply biogas appliances and accessories, and promotion of use of bio-slurry as a high value organic fertiliser.

In this process SNV is supporting NBPE Coordination Units at national and regional levels in:

  • Programme management and leadership, including sector facilitation;
  • Developing capacities of the Coordination Units in different aspects of programme management, including in project management, quality management and change management; 
  • Developing and involving the private sector through development and implementation of national framework; 
  • Providing business development services (BDS) for increased private sector participation (construction, appliances, spare parts) leading to increased effectiveness and competition, as well as regional associations;
  • Developing guidelines and piloting for engagement of alternative implementing partners (AIPs);
  • Development and establishment of a customer support centre (CSC) for strengthening the quality assurance mechanism and providing information to existing and prospective customers; 
  • Promotion of bio-slurry, particularly linking with specific crops and in developing quality standards on slurry management and utilisation;
  • Undertaking studies and stakeholder consultation/facilitation for improved access to credit for bio-digester owners and the private sector;
  • Mainstreaming bio-slurry promotion activities with the regular programme activities of the federal ministry of agriculture and regional bureaus of agriculture;
  • Encouraging women in bio-slurry use in agricultural and food security related activities;
  • Eroviding specialist technical support in product development and improvement, quality management, market promotion and business linkages.  


This is the link to the Africa Biogas Partnership Programme/Ethiopia website.

Our experts

Saroj Rai

Energy Sector Leader

Mekonnen Mekuria

Bio-slurry Value Chain Expert

Bekalu Molla

Private Sector Development Advisor

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