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The “Lighting Africa” project aims to promote solar technology and its quality standards, through the creation of “solar libraries” in 400 off-grid primary schools in Burkina Faso.

The “solar libraries” are established by donating a total of 25,000 Lighting Global certified solar lamps to these schools, which are all located in villages which are unlikely to get on-grid electricity access in the next ten years. The lamps will be rented out to the pupils while they remain property of the schools. The user experience of the lamps by the pupils and their family is expected to create a demand for Lighting Global certified lamps in these remote villages. In parallel, several activities are being undertaken to develop a sustainable commercial chain for the sales of Lighting Global certified solar lamps and kits in the zones around the schools.

This project is financed by the World Bank through the Ministry of Energy of Burkina Faso and implemented in consortium with Innovation Energie Développement (IED).

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Sector Leader - Energy

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