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Rapid, unplanned growth in small towns and peri-urban areas is placing enormous pressure local infrastructure and authorities.

From the provision of adequate water supply services to developing and introducing affordable tariff structures and systems to operate and maintain the services, improved local capacity is desperately needed to ensure equitable access to safe, sustainable water for all.

In our Urban Water Supply Services programmes SNV works with local authorities and service providers to improve utility management in small towns and peri-urban areas. From building capacity in tariff setting and collection, to developing public-private partnerships, advocating for pro-poor water policy, improving effluent and waste water management and addressing non-revenue water (NRW).

In Kenya, SNV's Kenya Markets Assistance Programme (MAP) seeks to strengthen the performance of key agricultural and basic service markets in Kenya so that they can function better and improve the lives of those participating in them whether as producers, employees or consumers. This support has resulted in increased revenue and full cost recovery for operation and maintenance. 


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