This project is completed

A consortium led by International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) implemented the 'Integrated management of rainwater for crop-livestock agro-ecosystems' project, which aimed to identify, evaluate, adapt, and disseminate best-fit integrated rainwater management strategies, targeted to different biophysical and socio-economic domains.

The integrated strategies are comprised of technological solutions, directed at different components of the agro ecosystems, underpinned by enabling institutional and policy environments and linked to market incentives that can drive adoption. The aim was to increase crop and livestock productivity for improved livelihoods and positive environmental impacts, through strengthened institutional capacity and improved equitable and gender-sensitive performance of crop and livestock value chains.

SNV made a baseline characterization and participatory inventory of rainwater management strategies. SNV also provided services, such as targeted rainwater management strategy recommendations for different actors and context in mixed crop-livestock agro-ecosystems, tools and framework for integrated analysis, dissemination and communication of project outputs, and capacity building.

Results achieved:

  • Crops and livestock value chains have been analyzed and actors have been prioritized with a focus on two crop and two livestock value chains in Ghana and Burkina;
  • Two innovative platforms have been set up in Burkina and two others in Ghana;
  • 30 representatives of producers, suppliers, processors, traders, technical services providers, and micro finance institutes are participating in an innovative platform;
  • Best fits have been identified and discussed with the researcher for action research;
  • 2,400 small producers are benefiting from innovative platform decisions and relationships between actors in Burkina Faso and 3,800 small producers in Ghana.

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