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The Indonesia Domestic Biogas Programme, popularly called BIRU (Biogas Rumah), is a national programme, implemented by the Dutch NGO Hivos with technical assistance from SNV and in close cooperation with DGEEU.

The programme was funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy between 15 May 2009 and 31 December 2012, and is continued by the Ministry of Energy today. Its overall objective is to disseminate domestic bio-digesters as a local, sustainable energy source through the development of a commercial, market oriented sector in selected Indonesian provinces.

The programme has installed more than 15,000 digesters, as of August 2015. The programme is considered a successful one: more than 97 percent digesters are in good operation, digesters are able to generate carbon finance as a sustainable source of financing, more than 60 private enterprises are strengthened and the digester technology is localised meaning that SNV has developed the capacity of more than 700 local technicians. The program is aiming to expand to more provinces with the aim of installing a total of 30,000 quality digesters in Indonesia.

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