Horticultural Livelihoods, Innovation and Food safety in Ethiopia (Horti-LIFE II)

This project is active

Horti-LIFE II aims to increase rural income, jobs and diet diversity by improving the productivity, diversity and food safety in the horticultural sector in a gender balanced and nutrition sensitive way.

The target is to reach 100,000 households in 45 districts. The project will also support 60 commercial service providers (agro-dealers; nurseries; marketing), 10 A-TVETs, four universities, two research institutes and two MFIs.  

Activities in Horti-LIFE II

  • Productivity and diversity
  • Service provision to smallholders  
  • Food safety
  • Practical education and training
  • Consumer Awareness

Our experts

Gerrit Holtland

Project Team Leader

Donors & Partners