High Impact Tourism Training (HITT) Programme

This project is completed

The High Impact Tourism Training (HITT) Programme aimed to contribute to sustainable, scalable, pro-poor economic growth in Cambodia and Vietnam and in five other countries (Benin, Ghana, Mali, Mozambique and Nepal) through the development and implementation of an integrated, market-driven tourism Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) system targeting the informal economy.

More specifically, the HITT programme strived to expand access for disadvantaged groups - in particular women, youth, under skilled and semi-skilled - to practical and market-oriented vocational training and facilitate direct links with the tourism industry to maximise opportunities for production, income and employment for participants.

The program reached 8,000 beneficiaries - of which 2,000 were in Cambodia - enhancing their skills, which enabled workers to attain better jobs, higher wages, and greater job security. At the same time, they developed the know-how and contacts to capitalise on opportunities and help develop the tourism sector, in a pro-poor, sustainable way. The HITT programme, run between 2011 and 2014, was funded by the European Union's “Investing in People” programme.

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