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The Project Inventory of Greenhouse Gases in Exporting Companies in Central America aims to create alignment in the region on greenhouse gas emissions in a common effort to promote exports with a reduced or neutral carbon footprint.

The project is based on the need to involve companies in the search for solutions to control and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to mitigate and adaptat to climate change. The project is targeting companies in three countries: Guatemala, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic, reaching 300 SMEs - Small and Medium Enterprise overall.

The Components of the Project are:

  • Normative Framework;
  • GHG emission factors;
  • Training / Dissemination of the Regional Technical Standard Accompaniment to SM.

The deliverable results of the project are:

  • A Regional Technical Standard;
  • Emission / Removal factors by country;
  • a Carbon Neutrality Online Course;
  • 400 SMEs trained through Participating Agencies;
  • Accompaniment to 6 Companies for Inventories and Plans, and;
  • Third party verification of the 6 companies

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