This project is completed

The objective of Gender and Environment Responsive Beekeeping (G&EB) is to enhance the production and business of honey and other bee products, to sustainably diversify and enhance the livelihood base for 3500 women and men in the Central Rift Valley (CRV) and Gambella.

Partnering with local and international organisations experienced in promoting natural resource management, SNV is supporting communities in the target regions to improve their livelihoods through carrying out environment conscious activities.  

Based on the findings of a scoping study that identified lack of modern hives and other equipment and modern beekeeping skills, finance and market information as constraints of beekeeping in the CRV and Gambella SNV and its partners in G&EB project are focusing on:

  • building the capacities of local partners and extension service providers to act as experts in beekeeping, gender and environmental protection;
  • promotion of bee forage by beekeepers as a means of conserving the environment;
  • linking target beekeeping groups and regional and national level beekeeping associations;
  • facilitating information flow between researchers, extension workers, value chain actors and national and regional level beekeeping associations, through news bulletins and multi-stakeholder meetings.