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The Energy for Agriculture (E4A) project helps develop the biogas market in Zambia in order to increase access to renewable energy for households, public services and businesses.

The project supports the development of viable biogas markets, improving livelihoods through increased fuel savings and income generation. In addition to increasing consumer demand through promotion and access to finance, the E4A project also develops the supply of bio-digesters and productive appliances through skills development and results based finance incentives. Consequently, it creates an enabling environment that fosters market development. Project activities include:

  • Promotion and marketing aimed at increasing demand for biogas.
  • Initiation of quality control and customer care activities, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their investment and can maximise benefits.
  • Technical training for users and training of trainers (ToT) for programme partners.
  • Support on demonstration and adaptation of proven bio-slurry processing and application methodologies.

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